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Lurid Beliefs

Jimmy's Weapon

So that the previous caps from me actually make some sense, here's the context that caused me to find them.

Jimmy's weapon, not to be confused with his gun, has become a minor matter of debate. My contention is that we really see it and hardly ever out in the bullpen. This contention was argued. So, I went and started looking for proof.

I found it.

These are just from the first 11 episodes. If an ep isn't represented, it's because I didn't find anything, one way or the other. Please note this was a fairly quick scan and I only pulled one cap per ep as proof.

Okay, that's not totally true. I have a ton of Jimmy caps now. =D


Image hosted by
We start with One. In this shot, you can see enough of Jimmy's hip to see that there is no gun.

Image hosted by
OMG, a gun, in Art. But, he's sitting at his desk, so it doesn't actually count.

Image hosted by
Smothered shows us a nice hip, gun-free.

Image hosted by
Jimmy and Alex, walking down the hallway in The Faithful, with no gun.

Image hosted by
Jones brings us a jacketed Jimmy, with no gun. Trying wearing a hip holster and stick your hands in your pockets like that. You will be flashing barrel.

Image hosted by
Yes, that is Bobby NOT staring at Jimmy's ass in The Extra Man. And, still, no firearm.

Image hosted by
Sexy Jimmy appears in The Good Doctor, sans weapon.

Image hosted by
It's all about the ass in The Third Horseman. But, again, no weapon.

I will continue my hunt tomorrow and Weds, in hopes of finishing off s1.
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hahaha, great!!!
And in the first photo: Is that Bobby bending over?? ;-)
Yes, yes it is. He was ducking around Jimmy to go grab something. It was gonna get it's own AoL post, but I decided it could just stay here and someone would notice. =D

I see I was right.
It was the first thing I noticed ... ;-))