Lurid Beliefs (lewd_intentions) wrote in ass_of_life,
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Caps from Hotel Paradise

See, I told you I'd bring caps. Sorry about the first one being a bit fuzzy. Don't know what's up with that.

Anyway, enjoy

Have a good holiday!
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It doesn't matter. Fuzzy or not, it's a happy fuckin holiday. =*______*=
This is me threatening to marry you again. XD
LOL, there seems to be a lot of that going around.
willowwpryce, can I use your icon?

I'm dying here.

Sure, but please credit me. =X

Done and done!
that's supposed to say "gladly" but your flashing "hommina hommina" distracted me.

I'm so retarded.
XD! Excellent. I love that icon, for that reason.
You all have scared the crap out of me with a revival of this post.

I'm better now.
I have a bunch of VDO pictures but not many of them translated very well into icons except the one I've been using.

*blush* I guess I tend to go for the full-body shots.
I think my holiday just got better..Because the best way to start your day is by looking at some hot naked VDO asss!!!

And I loove your icon..I used to be obsessed with XF! But now my new obsession is the Panty Police :D
Hey, who says you can't have more than one obsession?

I have several. =)